Quilt Progress and Finishes

Most of my quilting group, the Strip Piecers, were able to attend the quilting retreat, so I thought I would show you some progress on blocks I've shown here before.

Our group hand dyed fabrics over a year ago, and most of us are still just savouring the beautiful colours (actually we're scared to cut them!). But Cheryl has cut into hers, and added a few other commercial fabrics for this diamond/hexagon quilt. The gradations are so beautiful!
Remember the black and white blocks we made? You can see them here and here. Anne arranged them randomly and sewed them together into one full size quilt. Isn't it wonderful?
The first challenge our group had involved passing around a box with a metre of fabric, and everyone had to make one block using this fabric and other fabrics from their stash. This quilt includes all of Cheryl's blocks in a lap size quilt.
While I have yet to explore creating letters with fabric, Brenda showed our group the basics during a previous meeting. This is a banner she is making for a prayer room, the words from Psalm 46:10.


  1. I just read through all your Quilting Retreat posts. I am so impressed with all the quilts (both finished and part-done). It is wonderful what can be done with a few bits of material. It's like painting with fabric!
    I especially liked the inch-squares quilt and your Irish Chain quilt. So gorgeous...

    Oh, and I loved the snow-shoe writing!

  2. Thanks Lizzie! I like your analogy of painting with fabric!

  3. Nice! I would love to see how the last piece turns out!

  4. Thanks Dolores and Cori Lynn! It's always nice to hear from you!


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