More Black and White Blocks and a Finish

More black and white blocks were revealed at my quilting group on Monday. Anne asked us to complete 6 blocks each in 3 months, so here is the second installment. You can see the first installment here.

I think Anne is hoping to make 2 or 3 donation quilts out of these blocks. I think they will be stunning when they are done. It's amazing what you can do by simply adding one colour to black and white.

I've shown you the finished quilt top of Anne's Jack in the Box blocks previously. It was machine quilted by Bonnie from our group. Bonnie recently purchased a long arm machine, and this was her first completion of a pieced quilt. Didn't she do a fabulous job? So far she prefers free-style quilting to following a specific pattern.


  1. This is a very pretty post, and I can say that because I didn't get my blocks done. Now I'm a little intimidated... would you like to do mine for me...??? Pretty please?


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