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Instagram Bookbinding Challenge: September / Flora and Fauna

I've been participating in an online bookbinding community challenge, where each month bookmakers from around the world challenge themselves to create a book on a chosen theme for the month. The theme for September was Flora and Fauna, which led to some really interesting creations.

For my book, I used 2 techniques that I've been interested in: flower pounding and eco-printing (or botanical printing).

For the pages, I tried botanical printing on paper for the first time! I loosely followed this tutorial on YouTube. I used plants from my yard, including cotoneaster, oak, coleus, clematis, peony, raspberry, and others.

I was delighted and surprised with the variety of colours and textures that came through. I'll definitely be doing botanical printing again!

For the covers, I printed the fabric with flower pounding. Since I most often work with recycled materials, I chose a thrifted hemp shirt because I loved the texture and softness of the weave, and deconstructed it. I only use…

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