Custom Work

Coiled Baskets and Mats
If you have a special cotton shirt or other clothing item or bed linens you'd like to reuse, I can use the fabric to make a special basket, tote or mats for you. Here are some examples:

Travel Journals
One of my most popular items, the travel journals featuring map covers, is also the one that I do the most custom orders for. If you like these journals, but would like a different map on the cover, please contact me. I have never had to turn down a customer because I couldn't find a suitable map!

Here's a sampling of some of the custom travel journals I have made. The maps can flow from one cover to the next, have different areas/countries on each cover, or different views of the same area.

Rebound Journals
I use once loved books to make new blank journals. Some customers have asked me for a specific theme, such as cooking or a church hymn book, and others have sent me their books to make into new journals. They have been used for wedding guest books, wedding photos, recipes, letters to children, personal journals and much more!

Here's a sampling of some of the custom rebound journals I have made:

Keepsake/Memento Journals
If you have a garment or special papers from someone you wish to remember, you might consider having them made into a journal. What better way to remember someone than every time you open up this special book? The photos here show 2 journals that I was able to make from one leather jacket with knit sleeves, the last photo showing the garment before it was deconstructed:

If you are interested in a custom order, please click the "contact" tab for ways to be in touch.

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