A New Challenge

The first challenge of the year for my quilting group is to make black and white blocks with a touch of colour--call it teal or aqua or whatever you like. Once again my generous quilt friend, Brenda, shared her stash of fabrics with me, and you should pop on over to her blog to see what she's done with these. We (11 of us) are each to make 6 blocks, and all the blocks will be assembled into a quilt or 2 for charity.

I wanted to make blocks that would be fast and easy, so here's my start:

I'm trying the Disappearing 9 Patch block, where you start with 9 squares stitched together like the block above, then cut them down the middle both horizontally and vertically:

Rotate each block one quarter turn clockwise:

Then stitch them back together:

Okay, now just add a border, and 5 more blocks to go.....


  1. What a wonderful start. I hope you show us the finish.

  2. Thanks Brenda, Dolores, and Rhonda! Rhonda, this is one of those techniques that had me shaking my head saying "it can't be that easy!" But it is, and I'm so glad something easy can look good too!


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