Quilting Blocks and Finishes

My quilting group is meeting again tonight, and I just realized I hadn't posted about the last group. Here are the black and white blocks that were finished:

Don't they look fabulous together? Some of the black and white fabrics are dizzying! Mine are the 6 in the middle row. I expect there will be a few more finished tonight, as we were each to make 6 blocks. I wanted to finish mine early, and it's a good thing I did, as I didn't do much sewing with my sprained ankle.

Do you remember the Ugly blocks from last year? Here is what Anne has done with them:

It's amazing when they are all together (but separated with the brown sashing) how good they look! A lot of ugly can add up to something beautiful! Anne took an old commercially quilted bedspread for the batting and the backing--she just machine quilted her quilt top right onto the back of the bedspread, and made a wonderful recycled quilt. This quilt will be donated to MCC and used in their blanket program.


  1. wowo........those black, blue and white quilt blocks are stunning!! i just love that color combination (or really anything with black and white!). and while i didn't think your "ugly quilt" was ever ugly, i love the way it looks now with the sashing between the blocks.....fabulous!
    oxox, :))

    p.s. just saw your previous post about the travel journal.....boy that kind of stuff makes my blood boil! i was not familiar with the socialmention site.....i gonna muster up some courage and check into it......thanks for the info laura!! xo

  2. Lori, I agree that anything with black and white looks stunning, especially a bright colour. I'll keep my fingers crossed that you don't find any surprises if you check out the socialmention site.


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