The Ugly Challenge

Never before have I looked through my fabric stash and deliberately chosen the UGLIEST fabrics I had to use in a project. (Of course, some things I never intended to be ugly, turned out that way.) My quilting group's challenge for this month was to do exactly that. AnneF asked us to use an orange or yellow for the background, and then to use our ugliest fabrics for the applique flower. Surprisingly, when you put all the uglies together, they do actually look nice. These will  be used for a quilt for a local charity.

These are my blocks:

The one on the left may have received the most votes for the ugliest block. Which of all the blocks do you think is the ugliest? Click on the picture to get a larger image.


  1. :) What a fun idea!

    I think the 2nd row, first and last block fabrics are ugliest. The neon...not a fan. And the one on the far right screams of old 80's couch. haha. I actually like some of the others.

    I think I'll have to keep this project in mind.

  2. ooooh, mine got a vote! it's a tough choice. many of the fabrics are terrible, yet the applique skills are great and most of the flowers don't clash with themselves. thanks for posting this picture!

  3. hee hee.....i've never heard of and "ugly quilt" before! some of these fabrics actually aren't all that bad....well, in small doses, that is! i have an entire drawer of ugly paste papers that i've been dying to get rid of.....maybe i'll just cut them up into shapes and see what happens! hugs, :))

  4. I think its really lovely and cozy, would love to roll myself up in and and read a good book!


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