Round Robin, all the rest

Today I'll reveal all the mystery blocks made for every one else in my quilting group.

On the left, Brenda's fabric was a marbled fabric with lots of rich jewel tones swirled about. It was used effectively as a background fabric in most blocks. On the right, Cheryl's fabric was patterned with tiny brightly coloured buttons, and we all used different complementary colours with it.

Karen had couldn't decide between two coordinating fabrics, so she put both in her box.

Bonnie's blue fabric invited a nautical theme, with blocks such as Paddlewheels, Crossed Canoes, and Fish.

On the left, Audrey's golden yellow fabric produced variations of stars and sunflowers. On the right, AnneF's fabric has little birdhouses pebbling the fabric, leading many of to go with that theme.

I liked the challenge of Stephanie's striped fabric. The block variations show that you can indeed use striped fabric successfully in many different ways.

AnneK's light purple fabric invited many different approaches with colour and style.

I tried to challenge myself with each fabric, trying a different block or piecing method with each. I'm looking forward to seeing how each person will use their blocks. These are the blocks I contributed to the challenge over the year:

Next year we're going to have a different challenge each month, but what they'll be is still a mystery!


  1. it's funny that the thumbnail pix of your blog on my blogroll is of my quilt blocks and my thumbnail is of your quilt blocks. scroll down your blog list and take a look!

  2. oh my word! those are so incredibly lovely! i wish i could quilt. i would just make square after square.

  3. i just love quilts! it looks like you belong to a fabulous quilt group....and how fun to be presented with a new challenge each month! :)


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