Quilt block a month challenge

I joined a quilting group last winter (The Strip Piecers) after attending a weekend quilting retreat. The group has decided to do a round robin over the next 8-9 months, where we each make a block for every other person. The boxes start with 1 metre of fabric from the original owner. The boxes then make their way around the group each month and each person makes one 12.5 inch block using some of the original fabric. We're not allowed to reveal the blocks to the owner until each person has done a block for each box, so I won't be posting my blocks until the challenge is over. The fabrics chosen show quite a diversity in personal style and colour. I've done an altered book round robin, but never a quilting one, and I don't know very many people in the group very well so I'm a little nervous. I tend to be nontraditional so I'm hoping I won't offend anyone with what I make.

Speaking of nontraditional, this is the fabric I chose for my box. I figured it was a quilt challenge, so I'd choose a fabric that would challenge everyone. It has some really deep rich colours that I think will look quite nice in a quilt.

The next photo shows some of the fabrics chosen by the others in the group. The arrow points to the fabric I'm working on this month. I've finished my block and I've taken a photo, but I'll just have to wait to share it.


  1. quite the difference in fabrics, aren't they. I think its going to be more fun that I thought initially. I like your fabric and I know I have stuff to match.


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