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I'm taking some time this summer to catch up on a few older projects. Last week I was finishing up a few more blocks on my quilting group challenge from (eek!) 2 years ago. Here's a quick re-cap: if you've been reading my blog for awhile, you may remember that each member of my quilting group bought one metre of fabric and placed it in a large pizza sized box. The boxes were passed around each month, with each person in the group making one block using the original fabric and any of their own fabrics as well. At the end of the year, we revealed all the blocks to the original owner, who then finished them off in whatever way they chose.

These were my 8 blocks from the first challenge. Not enough yet for the size of quilt I wanted to  make...

In the second year, we each chose a different challenge block each month, and each member in the group had to make two blocks in the specified pattern and colours. After making the required blocks, I also used some of my fabric from the first challenge to make additional blocks with the patterns from the second challenge, with a few variations. Still not quite enough...

This past week I made 4 more blocks of varied designs, and finally I think I have enough blocks! It's quite wild and non-traditional, but I do like it!

Because the blocks and fabrics are so busy, I'm going to add sashing and cornerstones between the blocks in solid colours. Here I've auditioned a very dark teal for the sashing strips and a medium yellow for the squares. I don't think these little pieces of fabric will be enough, so I'll have to buy more before I can continue....


  1. looks good! mine are laid out and wiating to be sewn together -- for the past 18 months!

  2. I like the teal in between and wonder if the burgundy might make beeter middle accents than they yellow? But I'm not nearly as good at visualizing the finished product as you are... What are you going to do with this one when it's done?

  3. Thanks Brenda! I only hope it doesn't take me another 2 years to finish it!

    Thanks for your suggestion Karen! I'll have to see what the burgundy looks like in the corners. I think this one will just be at home on a couch, maybe by the TV.


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