New Quilting Challenge

My quilting group will be resuming in a week or so, and with that, new challenges will be presented over the course of the year. Last year we each chose one metre of fabric, and everyone made one block using that fabric, as revealed here. This year we have a different challenge: we will take turns each month to present a challenge block to the group. Each person will then make 2 blocks using that pattern: one will go into the making of a charity quilt, and the other is for the "challenger" to use as she pleases.

For September, Bonnie presented the challenge: her block is called Scrappy Shoofly, and she requested shades of pink or purplish pinks. When I went through my fabric stash, I was surprised that with 2 young girls in the house I actually had very little pink fabric, and nothing coordinated with each other. Thankfully my friend Heather had quite a bit more, and was very generous in letting me borrow from her stash. These are my pink blocks:

Inspired by Brenda, who decided to make a third block for herself each month, I decided to make a third block out of my fabric from last year, so that by the end of the year, I'll have more blocks to make a larger quilt. Here's my first block for this year:

It will be added to this collection of blocks, made by members of my quilting group:


  1. i so admire hand quilted pieces and yours are just wonderful! my grandma farmer was an avid quilter. i am lucky to have a few of her quilts.

  2. very nice. it's a good idea to make a block from last year's challenge fabric. I may do that too!

  3. your quilt blocks are beautiful....and ooh, love that color in the last one!! :))


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