Round Robin

I mentioned yesterday that my quilting group had our great "Reveal" on Monday. The group did a round robin over the last 9 months, with each person making one 12-1/2" block for each other person in the group over the year. We started with 1 metre of fabric of our personal choice, and were not allowed to see what anyone else had made with our fabric until this week.

This was the fabric that I chose, quite nontraditional with some bold rich colours. I was quite excited to see how my quilting friends rose to the challenge of this fabric!

And rise to the challenge they did! Here I am opening up my box of surprises, and laying them out on Anne's deck. It was fun to hear about the choices made in the design of each block. Some were chosen because of the name ("Prairie Queen" because of my Etsy shop name), others for the symbolism or number of fabrics used. There is even some of this fabric in one of the blocks!

And here are all my finished blocks, which are even more stunning in person. They are all gorgeous, and I am very happy with all of them! I have more fabric to add a few of my own sometime, and then maybe make this into a lap quilt for the living room. Thank you Bonnie, Karen, Brenda, Audrey, AnneK, Stephanie, AnneF, and Cheryl! Well done!

Any ideas on colours and design for sashing and borders? That's definitely my weak area with quilting. How do you pull it all together?


  1. hi,

    i found your blog from your etsy store. what a beautiful place this is!

  2. this looks like so much fun!!! first your fabric choice is stunning and i love that it is so untraditional. then each block has such character and individuality. if i had to pick a favorite square it would be the one in the bottom right hand corner of the final photo. i'm sure there's a name for that particular pattern but i don't know what it is. as for sashing and border colors i'm torn between the deep dramatic red found in most of the squares and a creamy white. either one would set the squares off well but have very different effects. i hope to see the finished piece one day!!

  3. Julie, that block you like is called Twisted Star, although it may have other names. Thanks for your helpful suggestions!

  4. Beautiful, Laura! Quilting amazes me--that's one thing I can't wrap my head around. My mother-in-law has made us some lovely quilts...such a fantastic heirloom gift.


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