Quilting Show and Tell

We had quite an extensive show and tell at my quilting group this week. Since finishing our last challenge, our new challenge is "simply" to finish some of those projects that we haven't completed for one reason or another.

These are my strip pieced blocks all stitched together. My plan is to back it with micro-fleece and stitch it together by machine, as seen in Brenda's I Spy quilt below. Any thoughts on what colour I should use?
The black and white quilt is almost finished! Bonnie machine quilted it on her long-arm machine with lots of free hand curves and swirls. Once the binding is completed, this one will be done! What a group effort!
This one will go in a quilt sale for charity.
This quilt was pieced by Bonnie and hand quilted by Anne. It's going to be given to charity for a
fund-raising raffle in early summer.
This was Heather's first quilt, which sat unfinished, until on a whim, she showed it to a machine quilter who said she could help finish it into a beautiful quilt. The quilting is really lovely, with lots of swirls in the sky.

Anne finished this quilt with her challenge blocks from our first challenge. All those fancy stitches on your machine can be used for quilting--this one is machine quilted with little decorative stars. Anne plans on donating this quilt to charity.
Karen started this quilt on the quilting retreat and she's almost done (and she has 3 young boys!)! It's quite stunning what she has done with such a novelty fabric. It's for one of her sons, so she had a bit of pressure there.

Stephanie finished this quilt for her sister's baby to be. Her sister was in the midst of a long labour as
Stephanie was showing the quilt.
Brenda made this I Spy quilt for a friend who is expecting. She backed it with micro-fleece and machine quilted along the lines of the blocks. The backing comes around to the front and is stitched down for an easy binding.
A quick and cozy quilt.


  1. I would love to see your strip quilt backed with bright yellow!

  2. I agree. Yellow would be just right. You are such a talented woman! I love what you've done with the (blog) place.

  3. I LOVE your strip quilt! for the back, I think yellow would be nice too, or maybe a pretty red. Can't wait to see what you decide :)

  4. Thanks for your suggestions, Ruth, Cindy and Monica! Pretty unified so far! I agree that something bright would look good. I guess I'll decide when I see what's available at my local shop.


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