Coiled Mats

I told you yesterday that I would show you today what I've been making with all my fabric scraps, and here they are:

More coiled mats for my PrairieThreads Etsy shop! With the scraps sorted by colour, it's much easier to pick a mix of greens or reds or even a rainbow to make these coiled mats. You never know how they will turn out, but I haven't been disappointed yet! What do you like to make with scraps?


  1. The pile of scraps looked very daunting to me. To see it sorted, then made into these clever mats is just heart-lifting. You are kind to the earth! And the mats are kind to the eye.

  2. Quinn, I'm too embarrassed to post a photo of my entire studio as it is--the mess is very daunting to me! But a little bit at a time provides enough satisfaction to keep going... And thanks for your kind words!

  3. your mats are beautiful (^_^) i've been making little fabric flowers with my scraps, you can never have too many of those =)

    thank you for sharing! x

  4. Those are SOOO pretty! I just can't get over that : )

    Feel free to link them at The Needle & Thread Network if you like! : )

    ~Monika K.
    sewing in -48C (Saskatoon)

  5. Chloe, your fabric flowers are beautiful, and very detailed tutorials! Thanks for stopping by!

    Thanks Monika! Thanks again for the invite--I linked up today!

  6. Yes, Dolores, it's like something from nothing!

  7. These are beautiful!! I'm so inspired. They look like they're zigzagged by machine. Is that even possible?

  8. Grandma Coco, thanks for stopping by! You are exactly right about how they are made, with a zigzag stitch on the machine.


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