Monday, September 12

Guest placemats

After making 4 placemats for the family (which you can see here and here and here), which we use every day, it was suggested by this same family that I make more placemats for when we have company (most often a friend or two of the kids). I caved, and here are the first two placemats for guests:

They're all made from fabrics I already had. The strip piecing is an easy and fun way to make a simple quilt design. And here's the rainbow of placemats we have on our table:

The kids say there is still room in the rainbow for a lighter/brighter green, and a dark blue, and a pink, and......


  1. I love them. I just might need to make some placemats for our house too! :)

  2. Thanks Erica! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

  3. WOW look at those apples! lovely!!

    Great placemats too!

    mmm yay a new blog for me to add to my list! I'll put you on my blog roll. i have a Canadian blog list down at the bottom of my blog.

    Stitching in Saskatoon

  4. Thanks Monika! Nice to meet another prairie girl here!


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