The Leather Sweater Project is Finished!

I've had a lot of custom orders keeping me busy lately, so the Leather Sweater Project got set aside for awhile. You may remember when I posted pictures of the original garment and the deconstructed garment. The original garment belonged to a friend of a friend's aunt who passed away, and she received this leather sweater to remember her. Then I was asked by my friend to make a journal out of the leather rather than having the garment languish in a closet all alone.

Since I received suggestions from readers to make either a softcover or a hardcover journal, I decided to make both and give G a choice. It turned out that there really wasn't a lot of usable leather in this garment, and I kept the lacing detail intact, both because I liked it and out of necessity. Here are the finished journals:

Which would you choose if it was a memento of a lost relative of yours?


  1. These are fabulous. I hope you bring them tonight. I like them both, but I prefer the second one. Great job! would you do it again?

  2. I like the second one too. that leather looks so soft & supple and is a great color.

  3. Ooh! Very nice! I like them both, but I especially love the softcover long stitch! Thanks for sharing these photos.

  4. Gaynette Friesen18 April 2011 at 19:55

    Hi Laura, I love the journals, and I want both of them! One will go to my cousin Janna who was really there for my family during my Aunt's illness and death. We were both bemused by the sweater "gift" so I know she will love and appreciate the talent and creativity you have put into this more useful gift. But how to choose???
    Thank you so much for the time and energy you put into this creative challenge!

  5. Gorgeous books Laura! I love that long stitch book!!

    I also like the placement of the lacing detail on the coptic journal.

    Fantastic. :D

  6. They're both gorgeous but the soft cover one takes the prize. The salmon colour doesn't quite show true in the photos on my computer but I can just picture it. Too bad there's not more usable leather.

  7. Oh My Gosh! I had to go back and look at your original post with the leather jacket all cut up. The transformation is spectacular. You did an amazing job! :D

  8. Thanks everyone! It's great to have such a cheering section! I really appreciate all of your feedback.

    Gaynette, I'm so glad you like them! Now I'm glad that I made two journals--maybe some force was driving me to do that without my knowing. Challenges like this are a great learning experience too, so I appreciate the opportunity as well.


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