Quilt Progress

I feel like I've been redeployed from my Etsy shops to work on projects for my family! I've been busy in the garden and helping my daughter update her room. A week ago, her room underwent a transformation with paint, from little girl pink, to teenage purple. Out went the pink swag lamp and in came a medusa floor lamp. I stitched up some new curtains for her with this fabric, which actually looks quite sharp next to the purple walls.

And I've made great progress on her quilt! All the blocks have been pieced (about 150), and today before she left for a week of camp, we laid them all out on the floor. There is actually order to this chaos. The blocks will be sewn together in groups, which in turn will  be sewn together in log cabin fashion, just like the blocks themselves.

We played around with them, trying to balance the blues and greens with the purples, and switching any blocks that clashed with a neighboring block. Then we mapped them all out and labeled each block with masking tape so I would know how to sew them together according to my graphed out pattern.

Now all the blocks are neatly stacked and ready for sewing together!


  1. looks great. I like the curtain fabric too!


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