My quilting group met this week to reveal all the "pear" blocks that Heather requested for her challenge. That was all the direction she gave us, just the word "pear". We could  make large 12-1/2" blocks, or smaller 6-1/2" blocks. Heather made one 12-1/2 x 6-1/2" block to add variety. Here's what everyone came up with:

Next to all the lovely and delicate appliqu├ęs, my two blocks (at the top left) look a bit obese! I did have fun making them though, and stretched my curve making abilities by modifying this block design. I wonder how Heather will pull all these together?


  1. I love it!! I wish there was a quilting group around here- how did you find one?

  2. Multi-talented lady! That's very cool. It's great to see old arts being kept alive.

  3. i think your pear blocks are balances out all of the other blocks beautifully!! great project, gal! :))

  4. what a wonderful process! the big reveal must have been fun.


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