Fear of Curves

One of the challenges for my quilting group for this month is to piece curves for Cheryl. The only specifications Cheryl had were to use light and dark fabrics opposite each other, and half the squares with a light quarter circle, and half the squares with a dark quarter circle. I'm not sure how she will sew them together--could be matching the circles, or could be a drunkard's path variation.

When she presented this challenge, I had this feeling of dread. Why do I dread sewing a curve? I think it's just a fear of doing something unfamiliar. She explained how to match the curves by finger pressing each piece in half and matching up these marks. I made sure I made accurate templates first out of old file folders and once I tried sewing one block, I realized it really was not that difficult. In fact, they were kind of fun, and I won't hesitate to work with curves in the future!

These are my blocks for Cheryl, the quarter circles are not sewn together:

And this is the block I made for myself with my fabric from last year's round robin:

What fears have you overcome lately?


  1. they look great. I overcame my fear or paper piecing -- got the bunny blocks done, except for the embroidery. and I only had to rip out one seam!

  2. I overcame my fear of commenting on blogs, really!
    silly now that I think back

  3. Brenda & Periwinkle, way to go at stepping over those hurdles and trying something new!

  4. those curves look difficult to me!! yours are looking wonderful!!

  5. Thanks Julie, they are easier than they look!


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