Monday, March 1

New Rebound Journals

Cut. Glue. Cut. Fold. Stitch. Stitch. Stitch.
Cut. Glue. Cut. Fold. Stitch. Stitch. Stitch.

My new mantra--I'm getting into a rhythm here. I've been making some new Rebound Journals for my Etsy shop. Using mostly reclaimed papers such as these for the pages, these journals are very ecofriendly.

I love the title and covers of this book, and would love to go spend some time on a sweet island paradise in the Mediterranean....

This one, The Green Years, is uses a variety of recycled papers, everything from topographical maps to envelopes to printer's layout paper: Go green!

The covers on this "The Wishing Year" were irresistable!

And who remembers reading the Bobbsey Twins?


  1. LOVE your new journals, laura.....these won't last long in your etsy shop!! i wish i could lend a hand with your photo challenge, but i'm very techno-challenged! it's possible that blogger is just having some hic-cups, too.....that seems to happen a lot! :))

  2. These books look terrific, and look like a lot of fun! I love that you're able to use paper that otherwise would have gone to waste.

  3. Oh beautiful work the Ardizonne cover! He was such a sweet nice to see his images again on your blog. I had trouble with Blogger lately, but it was being barred from seems to have cleared up though...take care and hope all is well...


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