For the Love of Paper

I came into a little windfall this week.

Someone I know was cleaning out their communications department office for some renovations, and they had stacks of partial reams of many colours and varieties of paper that were too small for any current or anticipated future projects. Knowing I can't say "no" to offerings of paper, this trunkload of paper was offered to me!

It ranges in size from printer's samples (great for small projects!) to 11 x 17", so I can see many many books in the making here. And we have lime green, fuschia, pumpkin, oooohhh, such fun colours!

There's only one problem here....does anyone know where I can put it all?


  1. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO way! That's amazing. Make the girls share a room. :)

  2. Lucky you. It looks like fun. I'd say if you can't move the kids together, take a week or more off work and make it all into books. where's your other etsy shop?

  3. wow- lucky you! i love it when that kind of stuff happens, but at the same time it makes me feel a little anxious as I ask myself "am i going to be able to use this all?!"

  4. well, you know that we must all sound crazy to be congratulating you on receiving a boatload of paper for your stash (my dutch boy totally doesn't get what a great thing this is!!)!! good luck finding a place to store any extra room under your bed?!! :))

  5. get a very tall filing cabinet!


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