The Elephants Go Marching!

I was asked by a friend if I could make a book, any style, any colour, with elephants. I'm up to a challenge, and I knew I had some suitable materials to use. I actually ended up making three different books, and she will have to choose.

This is one I had made prior to her request. It's a little photo album with handmade paper from India on the cover, and locally made handmade papers from Botanical Paperworks:

Recently, I couldn't resist picking up this unloved book at a local thrift shop. The covers were perfect for one of my Rebound Journals:

And thirdly, I had a leftover piece of this great elephant print quilting fabric from when I made these pillow cases last year. I made my own bookcloth with it, and used it to cover recycled bookboard for this little book:

I'm curious to see which one she will choose! Which one would you choose?


  1. Ooo! I love of all of these. I think the thrifted cover is my favorite. I love elephants!

  2. What luck that you happened to have all of that elephanty goodness! I think they're all super!

  3. who could possibly choose?!! they're ALL fabulous!!

  4. Thanks Katy, Monica, and Lori for stopping by and leaving your encouraging comments! I am quite happy with each of them too!

  5. I think I would pick the first or second, but they're all terrific! Great work.


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