A few updates

A few weeks ago I posted about the Advent Quilt I was making. I managed to finish all the squares in time for Christmas and the kids had fun choosing which one to put in each day. Here is the finished quilt:

Now that the gifts are all unwrapped, I can post a picture of all the pillowcases I made for Christmas gifts. Some travelled across Canada and some travelled overseas before they were in the recipient's hands. I made one for each member of my family, with individually chosen fabrics for each person based on favourite colours and activities. I'm happy to say they were all well received!

My youngest daughter had a very interesting request on her wishlist this Christmas. She wanted a set of Orange Cutlery (she wanted an orange plate for her 3rd birthday)! Not only is this a departure from the Webkinz and other favourites of 9 year old girls, it's a rather uncommon item. The choice was either plastic disposable picnic cutlery from a party store or something unique from Etsy. Guess which I chose? I found an Etsy seller, bdbear, who makes lovely polymer clay handles for flatware, and she made a custom order for me in orange! They are even nicer in person, and the colours seamlessly blend from one to the next. C was delighted and loves using them.


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