Saturday, January 16

Bunny Quilt Blocks

This month my quilting group had 2 challenges to work on. The first one was shown here. The second was to do a paper pieced bunny as the centre of a log cabin block with darks and lights. Audrey provided us with the paper pattern and even the embroidery floss to make the bunny's eyes and nose.

Part of the challenge is to use what you have, and not buy any new fabric for the blocks each month. Here are my blocks for Audrey:

I didn't think my quilt in progress suited a bunny block, so I just made a liberated type of log cabin block with my fabric:

This quilt started last year with my quilt group's monthly challenge, and I'm adding a block each month with each challenge we do this year. By summer I should have enough to make a fairly large quilt.

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