More Blocks for my Quilting Challenge!

My quilting group met last evening, and everyone brought their completed strip pieced squares for my challenge, as presented in September. Everyone was to make at least 8 diagonally pieced blocks, and aren't they all fabulous? It was so fun to lay them all out and see patterns emerging.

I don't know yet if I will make one quilt or 2 smaller quilts with all these blocks. The local children's hospital accepts quilts of all sizes, from a small square for a newborn to a twin size, so there is lots of flexibility if I decide to make a charity quilt for them.

And on with the fun.....first we laid all the blocks randomly (so colourful!):

then we grouped them in blocks of 4 to make diamonds of one colour:

and then we played with them in diagonal rows of each colour:

Most people in my group seemed to prefer the 4 block diamonds. Whatever I decide, I can always make more blocks to fill in the colour gaps.

Which arrangement do you prefer, or do you have another idea for an arrangement?


  1. I like the second one, but seeing it now in pictures, I can see the diagonals more strongly. You might consider a trip around the word arrangement in colour and diagonals, with diamonds radiating from the centre.

  2. i love them all.....but if i had to choose i would go with the 4-block diamonds. everyone did such a fabulous job....and it's amazing to me how well they all look together!! :)

  3. oh my! those squares are absolutely gorgeous! i like them every way.

  4. I think I actually like the random one the best with the diamonds a close 2nd. The colours are great.

  5. I like the first random layout best, but they are all gorgeous!

  6. I like the random one precisely because it doesn't actually look random (alternating reds, etc). I spent a long time picking out various patterns - that was what I liked to do with my own blanket when I was a kid.

  7. I prefer the diagonal rows... it reminds me of wind and rain or sleet.

    Not great weather, but what can I tell you. *grin*

    In fact, I have a friend that has some kind of seasonal disorder thingy going on. I wanted to make her a cheerful SHOUT-IN-YOUR-FACE-BRIGHT-COLOUR kind of lap quilt and piece some blue fabrics, on the other side... for those days that she's feeling "blue" and doesn't want to look at SHOUT-IN-YOUR-FACE-BRIGHT-COLOURS. And, I couldn't figure out how to arrange my scrappy blue fabric.

    I just got my lightbulb moment, looking at your block arrangements.


    Tks a bunch!

    Rosa Robichaud


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