Quilting Challenge

This month it was my turn to present a challenge to my quilting group (myself included). Since our group calls itself the Strip Piecers, I thought it would be fitting to do strip pieced blocks. I've asked everyone to make 6" blocks using one colour per block, like these:

It will be a surprise to see how many of various colours are made, and how they will all fit together. You can see a few here if you look closely, and on the banner on Brenda's blog. It's a lot of fun to use up your scraps this way, and highly addictive!

And here's the block I made with my fabric. It's not quite as random as the others, but a similar style.


  1. very nice. I like the one made from your fabric. I also made one (or four) in solids, but I didn't take any pix. those little blocks are addictive!

  2. so nice! your work is lovely and always makes me think of all the quilting my grandma farmer had. what happy memories!

  3. i love these pieced blocks....i think that your group is going to finish some great projects with them!! have fun!! :))


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