What's on my Work Table?

There are so many joys of summer time:
-spending more time with the kids
-evening bike rides along shady streets
-nurturing a garden
-connecting with neighbours after a long cold winter
-road trips
-fires in the backyard fire pit
-the song of birds
-relaxing, relaxing, relaxing

You can see that making new products for my Etsy shop isn't real high on the summer priority list. Although I love making new things, I don't want it to stress me out and keep me from enjoying the summer.

I have however, been busy with another large custom order of small notebooks and matchbook notebooks. I find cutting the papers a little tedious for a large order, but I'm now at the step that I enjoy most: pulling it all together--choosing what colour thread to sew with and what colour beads would coordinate. I love experimenting with new colour combinations with fun and surprising results.

Here's a sneak peek:

When this order is done, I'll get back in gear and work a few new things for the shop.


  1. it sounds like you're having a great summer!! i admire you for allowing yourself to take the time off and enjoy your family! your notebooks look like fun to put together....i've always enjoyed the sewing part, too! have fun! :)


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