Follow Up: Dye Candy

My quilting group had its final meeting before the summer break last evening. The main focus of the evening was to reveal all the blocks made over the year for the round robin we did. But I'm going to keep you in suspense for another day or two about that!

Some of us also brought our dyed fabrics to show off. Aren't these wonderful rainbows of fabric? The bookbinders who read this blog are thinking these would make fantastic pieces of bookcloth, while the quilters are wanting to put these up on a prominent shelf to savour them for at least a year before taking a scissor to them! I'm hoping to eventually use mine (and future dyed batches!) for both book and quilting projects.

Brenda's batch, (bottom second from left) was dyed in the Autumn colourway, while the others are in the Summer colours. I think all are equally beautiful, don't you?

Bonnie took this all one step further, and dyed a second batch of white cotton using the same bags of dye. These are her results--not quite the full colour spectrum but still beautiful soft colours that will find their way into some great quilts one day!


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