Building this neighborhood

My procrastinating is over and I have finally finished this small wallhanging quilt for charity. My quilting group, the Strip Piecers, started this project in fall. We each made at least 4 house blocks, using up scrap fabrics. Then the blocks were mixed together and divided up among us to make wall hangings. Some people sewed the blocks together 2 x 2, others horizontally, and others vertically like mine.

I was putting it off because 1) I hadn't done much machine quilting on my new electronic machine (and I used a fabric on the backing that was really tough to get a hand needle through), and 2) I wasn't sure how it should be quilted. I was finally spurred on when I was without my new machine this past week (it was in the shop) and I got out my old mechanical machine. I ended up just stitching in the ditch around the blocks and houses as I couldn't think of anything that would complement the houses. It looks fine this way, and I added some vintage buttons for doorknobs on each house.

The finished wall hangings will be sent to Mennonite Disaster Service (MDS), a volunteer network helping those affected by disasters in Canada and the United States. Their main focus is on clean up, repair and rebuilding of homes, and they try to give a quilt to each homeowner at the dedication of the rebuilt home.


  1. great finish. mine just needs a binding. you have one of my houses -- the purple one.

  2. Your houses are wonderful.I also struggle on how to finish my pieces as well.

  3. Buttons for door knobs! A really cute idea!

  4. This quilt is very sweet, and what a great cause!~

  5. hi laura! fabulous job!! isn't that the way it always goes, that we get the new updated machine, but end up going back to the old mechanical machine...because we just like it better?!! love the doorknobs (but, then, you probably already knew that i would, right?)! :)

  6. The Strip Piecers--how clever! Your little canvas on on it's way! Have a great day!


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