Charity quilts

My quilting group, the Strip Piecers, has been busy making little house blocks using this pattern. We each made at least 4 blocks. I used all scrap fabrics, and tried to add something fun in the window of each house.

These are all the blocks laid out on Brenda's table:

We are making wall quilts to donate to Mennonite Disaster Service (MDS), a volunteer network helping those affected by disasters in Canada and the United States. Their main focus is on clean up, repair and rebuilding homes, and they try to give a quilt to each homeowner at the dedication of the rebuilt home. My niece has volunteered with this organization, helping rebuild homes ravaged by Hurricane Katrina.

These are the blocks I'll be making into a small quilt. I chose blocks that all had some element of yellow in them, although I don't know yet how I will connect them.


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