Craft Year 2015

2015 is Craft Year in Canada! Click on the picture above for more information. From the website: 

"Craft Year is a year-long, nation-wide festival aimed at promoting craft as a key player in Canadian Culture. The type of events we are looking for can include craft exhibitions, fairs, book launches, open houses, conferences, workshops, competitions, publications, community events and more. All events registered for Craft Year 2015 will be displayed here on our website for the whole world to see."

There are a lot of events listed on the page, but unfortunately they are not listed by province or date (other than by month). Check with your local craft council regarding events being held in your area. I attended a Pecha Kucha night on the theme of craft about a week ago. Most of the speakers were excellent and drew me in to their creative world whether they were blacksmiths, woodworkers, spinners or students!

Click on the photo above to read the Manifesto of all Citizens of Craft. If you are reading this page, then you are one too! Welcome aboard!


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