Paul Klee Recycled Envelopes

What are the chances of finding the same fabulous art book a second time?

A few years ago, I found a once loved book on the art of Paul Klee, and recycled into envelopes. They were quite popular and sold very quickly in my Etsy shop.

This summer I found the same book at a garage sale and finally had the chance to make some more recycled envelopes with the pages.

These will bring a smile to someone's face if they are used for snail mail, and I think even the letter carrier would enjoy seeing them! They are available here.


  1. Hi Laura, it is so good to read your posts again!
    Welcome back, I missed you and your posts a lots!
    As a librarian, I felt so weird about repurposing when I started to read blogs like yours and another crafters who work with books, nowadays I am better used.
    Perhaps one day I will try too.
    By the ways your Klee envelopes are beautiful and congratulations for find twice the same book and repurposed them.

    1. Thanks Lucia! I know it's sometimes hard to think about reusing books, but I try to use books that are no longer wanted or are damaged in some way. Books do have a finite life too, and this way I can make them live on a little longer. :-)


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