Batik Quilt: the Back

After finishing my batik quilt top, I wasn't sure what to do for the back. I knew I didn't want to just buy metres of one fabric and have a plain backing. So I laid out all the leftover bits of fabric from the top on my bed to see how much they would cover.

There was more leftover than I thought! Turns out that a lot of the pieces remaining were a similar width, having originally been purchased as fat quarters.

So I arranged them randomly and pieced them together in one long strip, the length of the quilt-to-be.

I still had a pile of 2.5" squares leftover from the quilt top as well, so I pieced them together randomly into two long strips. They've been added to the striped piece, separated by all the leftover green fabric from the quilt top.

And this is where it stalls. I have a little bit more in odd sizes of a couple of fabrics, so I might make another stripe or two, but I'll need to purchase more fabric yet. What would you do? More green? Batik or solid or something else? While it is the quilt back, I still want it to look nice.


  1. Wow, it's really looking great! There is a brighter green version of that dark green batik; maybe that woukd be right for a wide border strip either side? It would certainly frame the stipey piece nicely and give the bright colours a lovely lift!
    Cant wait to see pictures of the finished quilt!


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