Unfinished projects

I've dug out some unfinished projects this week. First off, my batik quilt is so close to being finished!

Today I added the final border around the edges. All it needed was a simple 2.5" strip of the dark green fabric all the way around for the top to be finished.

Here is the finished top, doing a practice run on the bed it will grace when finished. The colours are so brilliant, I can't wait to have it finished!

Now I have to decide what to do for the back. I haven't thought about it until now, so I'm collecting a few ideas on a new Pinterest board Quilt Backs.

Right now I'm waffling between a colour blocked back, using the leftover pieces from the front, or purchasing a coordinating fabric that has similar colours, and doing a strip of squares from the front across it. What do you think?


  1. Love that quilt-top! How about wide, deep strips of each of the colours from the front, in stripes, so that you can reverse the quilt for a change-up?

    1. Thanks Lizzie! And thanks for the suggestion! I'm not sure how much of each fabric I have left, so I'll lay them out and see what might work.


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