Jewelry Box Makeover

When I started making my mini book necklaces, I realized that I would need an easy way to display them at craft shows. Since they are the only jewelry item I plan on making for the time being, I didn't want to make an elaborate jewelry display. In comes this small jewelry box that has been languishing in my craft cupboard for a few years, waiting to be called upon.

It wasn't in great shape and needed a makeover of some sort, but I thought the double layer would be perfect to show off several book necklaces.

I have remade other items in my display with decoupaging text pages from old books, so I thought I'd give it a try with this box as well. I used an old French crossword dictionary for this one. I use my own homemade mod podge glue by diluting regular white glue.

Uh-oh, sticky fingers!

Here it is finished with acrylic gloss varnish. I decided to paint the bottom of each layer black, which then crackled on me because of the glue from the decoupage (but I like the effect). It was a bit challenging to cover the pivoting shelf inside without getting it stuck in one spot so it could still move!

And here it is in action.

My book necklaces are available here in my Etsy shop.


  1. That is so cute.... love it... love the miniature book necklaces too...

  2. Hi Laura, thanks for updating!
    Beautiful your makeover, I think that covering your jewelry box with old pages of books are very sugestive.
    You always inspire me.
    Thanks again!


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