Sneak Peek

This week I've been teasing my followers on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter with preview images of something new I'm working on, so I thought I'd share them here too.

I've been sorting through all my leather pieces....hmmmm, which colours should I choose?

Trimming some pieces....

Setting aside the scraps that were too small....

Hand tearing some paper pieces....

Oh, this looks interesting....

Sorting through my button collection....

The final supplies just arrived in the mail, so hopefully I'll have something finished to show you later this week. Stay tuned!


  1. Rotten teaser! If it involves paper as well as that gorgeous leather, it's going to be good! And buttons, it's got buttons.... I'm going to love it (whatever "it" turns out to be)!

    1. Thanks Lizzie! I'll try to end the suspense soon!

  2. I like your work so I have nominated you to Liebster award. For more details, you can stop by my blog:

    1. Thank you Julie for your kindness in the nomination!


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