Paper Beads

Had a lovely afternoon yesterday making paper beads with some bookbinding friends. I remember making these as a kid, but haven't tried again for years. Nicole has made these beads into bracelets that are wrapped several times around your wrist.

Nicole guided us through the steps of cutting strips of paper (we used magazine pages) and then rolling them on round toothpicks.

A little bit of glue at the end is all it takes to secure them.

And then seal them with clear nail polish or mod podge.

Stick them in a piece of foam while they are drying.

Here are some of the paper strips I was using.

It didn't take long to make all these! It was so nice to have an afternoon just to play....I need to do that more often.


  1. Hi Laura!
    Thanks for your update, it is always good to read your posts!
    Beautiful beading, thanks for sharing.


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