Once There Was a Shirt

Once there was a shirt.
It was worn by a delightful woman
who was always young at heart.

She called it her Beach Shirt,
and wore it nearly every day 
during summers at the lake.
And everyone who saw her wear it
hoped that they too would have such a lively spirit
as they grew older.

But even the young at heart
sometimes need their daughters 
to help them pick and choose
as they clean out their closets.

And so the Beach Shirt
was gifted to the savvy recycler
who was given permission
to cut it up 
into lots and lots of narrow strips.

And then she wrapped and stitched
and wrapped and stitched some more,
until a lovely large basket was created.

And there was even enough fabric strips left
to make a set of coasters too!

New life for an old shirt.

These items are available in my PrairieThreads Etsy shop.


  1. Hi Laura!
    Thanks for your updating, I love your recycling poetry!
    And your basket and the coiled mats are very beautiful!
    Thanks again!!


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