A Year in Spools

How do you mark a year of creativity? I don't really have a way of showing how much paper I recycle in my book making, but for sewing there is a way. Last January, I was inspired by Karen over at the Selvage Blog to save my thread spools throughout the year to see how much thread I use up in one year. This was not a competition, but rather one way of affirming all the work that has progressed through my sewing machine during the year.

This was interesting for me to do--I actually thought it would have been much more! When I'm sewing my coiled items, it seems like I'm going through thread like crazy. I used up 45 spools in 2013, including for quilting, making coiled mats and baskets, and general sewing. I expect 2014 will look a little different, as I am starting to move towards using cones of thread instead of spools.

If you are interested in seeing stats from other quilters and sewists, head on over to this post on the Selvage Blog. Happy Stitching!


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