New Eco Earth Brown Colourway

Before Christmas, I made several coiled items in a new Eco Earth Brown colourway. I like to play with different colours and see how they look in various combinations. I was surprised at how popular they were at my local sales: I sold 2 baskets/bowls, 3 round mats and a set of coasters in these colours. All I have left to list in my Prairie Threads Etsy Shop is one oval mat:

I guess a lot of people still do like neutral home accessories! I'll have to make some more soon.


  1. I like that mix of colours - but I'd call it warm, rather than neutral. Lovely items - no wonder they sold well!

  2. Hi Lizzie, I like the term "warm" to describe these! Thanks for that suggestion.

    1. Glad to help ;-)
      But really, it is just that the colours feel warm to me - nice nut-browns and cosy autumn-leaf & flickering firelight kind of shades. Warm, not neutral!


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