Mini Leather Books

Aren't these miniature books so sweet? They are the result of an afternoon with Bookie friends taking some time to play together.

My friend Nicole received this little book as a gift. It came all the way from Estonia. She was inspired to figure out how it was constructed and then shared the how-to with several friends.

Nicole's prototype used a piece of painted canvas, repurposed from one of her father's paintings (don't worry, she says she has more than enough of his paintings intact still). We called the stitching pattern the zig-zig-zag-zag, and you had to zig twice before you could zag, or it didn't work out!

It was a fun little book structure and I have lots of ideas to make more of these soon!


  1. Very lovely books. They look like a variation of the Diamond Stitch which is what I use for the majority of my books. A very pleasing design.

    1. Thanks Andrea! I was wondering what the pattern of stitching you use is called. It's on my list of things to try soon too.


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