Once There Was a Romper

Once there was a romper.
It was handmade by a young girl's grandma.
The young girl loved it
and wore it every day to play
before her mother snatched it for the laundry.

She loved the wide legs
and the way the wind
blew them out like balloons
on Grandpa's tire swing.

She was very sad
to learn that one day
she had outgrown it,
and some holes had also grown
to showed how much she loved it.
So her mother gave it away to the thrift shop.

But the savvy recycler
picked it off the rack.
She loved the cranberry and periwinkle 
in the flowers
 and knew just what to do.

So she deconstructed it
and took out the zipper.
And cut it up.
Into lots and lots of narrow strips.

And made a nice big basket,
big enough for a tree
(well a small one anyway)!

And had enough strips left over
to make a coiled mat
and a set of coasters too!

New life for a thrifted garment!

Available in my PrairieThreads Etsy shop.


  1. And the girl did a secret rejoice in her head because she just felt a little inkling that someone else might love her jumper as much as she did in its new form. :D

  2. I love these baskets that you make. Is there anywhere that I can find directions fro making them?

    1. Hi Verna, Thanks for your kind words. I haven't made any tutorials and haven't written any books, so I guess you could do what I did, and research online and in books that you find. Some quilting and sewing stores might offer a class on how to make them.


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