Bookmaking Workshop

I love learning to make new book structures!

My book samples

A week ago I had the pleasure of reconnecting with friends from the Calligraphers' Guild of Manitoba at a bookmaking workshop taught by Charlotte Konrad.

We made two simple structures interspersed with reconnecting, getting to know each other and sharing lots of laughs and hugs.

Charlotte brought lots of her own books to inspire
We started with a simple longstitch book that Charlotte first created to have a book to make with some paste papers (about 12x18" in size) that she had made at an earlier workshop.

Charlotte's longstitch books

A few folds, a bit of glueing, and we were ready for sewing!

Then figuring out closures:

Auditioning buttons for the closure (Edith)

And we were done! Seeing how other people add their own personal touch is one of the best parts of going to workshops! Here are the class's finished books:

The second book was a three signature notebook.

The two pieces of the cover wrapped around the front and back signatures (sections) of the book, with a third signature in between.

The long ends of the cover were tucked in to make a triangular pocket to tuck in the first and last pages of the book. And again, it's always inspiring to see what other people do:

Sam added a strip of leather over the spine

Closure variations

And here are the class's finishes of the second book:

Charlotte was a fantastic instructor and we had such a fun time learning with her and each other! I will definitely be making more of both of these!


  1. gorgeous! you are very fortunate indeed to belong to a club that holds learning events.

    1. While I'm not a current member of the Calligraphers' Guild, they are a great group of people and their workshops are always fun!


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