Vacation Highlights (part 4)

We stayed in Portoroz, Slovenia, for a week of relaxing and seeing the sights. One of the highlights of this week for me was visiting the Forma Viva sculpture garden high up on the hillside overlooking the Adriatic Sea. There was such a variety of sculptures, from representative to curvy organic forms to sharp angled geometric shapes. Here's a description of the sculpture gallery:

New sculptures are added each year. Here's a sampling of some of the sculptures, old and new:

While each sculpture was labeled with the artist's name and the year it was created, there were no titles or descriptions of any of the pieces, leaving interpretation wide open to the viewer.

It was interesting to see how being exposed to the elements changed their surfaces with time.

Wouldn't it be wonderful to have a place like this near home? I'm sure it would be one of my favourite places to go explore or sit and read or meditate.


  1. Hi Sheila, thanks for sharing your pictures of your travels. It is so mind expanding. Beautiful pictures, as always. You are right, it would be marvelous to have a park like this near home.
    Thanks again!


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