Vacation Highlights (part 3)

Moving on to Bad Ischl, Austria, for the purpose of our travels: my niece's wedding. I don't like to post pictures of people on my blog without their permission, so I'm only going to show you some of the cool decorations they had at the wedding.

Hydrangeas with delicate beaded gold threads

Roses suspended in small vases, weighted down by crystals.
Roses suspended in extra large vases, weighted down with skeleton keys.

Detail of the skeleton keys. All of the skeleton keys were from the groom's family home.

Little beaded gold wire balls.


  1. The weighted roses are something I've never seen. That some were family keys makes it even more interesting.

    1. Some new ideas for me too, but I loved all of these ideas!

  2. Hi Laura!
    Thanks for posting, beautiful decoration. These details of roses are novelty for me, too. Well, there is some time that I don't go to any wedding ceremony so I think that I an outdated of these new trends!
    Thanks again!!

    1. Yes, Lucia, I don't attend very many weddings anymore either! I loved to see everything with fresh eyes here too.


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