Fabric Coiled Items Progression

I think I can no longer call these posts "Coiled Mats Progression" since I'm making so much more than flat mats now! I have something new to share today, something that local buyers caught a glimpse of at my table display at recent craft shows.

Here's my first basket with a lid. Everyone who has seen it in person really loves it! I think if it had a little door on the side it could be a little home for the Borrowers.

The base is fairly straight sided and about 28 cm across and 14 cm high. The lid tapers to a peak, and then I recycled a metal coil and strung it with wooden beads to make the quirky handle. With the lid on, it's about 35 cm (14") high.

This basket is a fabulous example of how even the ugliest fabrics can make great coiled items. Once the fabric is cut into strips, wrapped around the cord, and sewn back together, all you notice are the colours and not the ugly print it once was.

Isn't this fabric hideous? It's not quite a leopard print. It's kind of like the teal/gold/red was printed first and then someone accidentally printed the black peanut shapes over top--kind of like a double exposure, but worse. But don't you think it's been redeemed in my basket?

This Santa Fe basket is available for sale in my PrairieThreads Etsy shop.


  1. WOW! look at that that. what will you think of next? I could use a sewing basket... or a round 'hat box' thingy to store embroidery hoops in. : )

    LOVE my books!!!!!!!!!!! Got the jacket in the mail. All is good. Will blog you soon. ; )

    1. Thanks Monika! Love your ideas for how to use it!

  2. Fabulous! That is so pretty; great job!

  3. Fun! That's such a cute design!


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