Once There Was a Shirt

Once there was a shirt.
It was worn by a dapper young man
who loved the texture 
and softness of the linen
when his friends were wearing

But even the most fashionable young men
grow older
and their tastes change
(along with their waistlines).

So the savvy recycler
snatched it up 
and loved the colour
and texture
and softness 
of the linen.
But she didn't have a problem
cutting it up into strips.
Lots and lots of narrow strips.

She knew that she could upcycle the fabric
into more beautiful 
and useful items.

She made her biggest basket ever
finished with a swirl
and a vintage button.
And a smaller basket
with beaded handles,
perfect for the table, perhaps?

New life for an old shirt.

Available for sale in my PrairieThreads Etsy shop.


  1. Good morning Laura!
    I always love your stories about your reciclying things you or your loved ones once had. I think it is so poetic and add value to this kind of post.
    And the coiled bowls are beautiful. If you didn't tell that it is recycled material I would not guess it.
    Congratulations and thanks for sharing!!

    1. Thank you Lucia! Most of my stories are made up with a hint of truth to them. I like to write what I think could have been the story of the item before I found it.

  2. ONE shirt eh? WOW
    : )
    (and YES I said EH. It just fits there doesn't it?)

    1. Yes, one shirt! It's amazing how far little strips of fabric can go! Eh? Yes!

  3. Well, what a clever idea. Can't believe I didn't think of recycling old clothes into these baskets. Stellar.

    1. Thanks Idaho Beauty! Old clothes can be recycled into quilts too!


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