Quilt Retreat

Last weekend I had a lovely weekend away with a group of friends to a cabin at a local camp.

As you can see, we still have a lot of snow here, so we didn't mind staying inside most of the weekend and sewing. We got a lot accomplished too! Here's some of what others were working on (photos of their work used with permission):

Cheryl made a small Sudoku quilt and turned it into a pillow. Just like the game, each row and square has one square of each of the 9 fabrics.

Cheryl was also working on teeny tiny foundation pieced squares. Each of these is less than 5cm (2") square!

Heather was working on a very cute appliqué baby quilt.

Brenda worked on a colour wheel of solids.

Here's a close-up of one of Brenda's pieced letters.

Janice was working on a window quilt with snowflake fabrics, each one unique!

Karen began with several piles of precut bright fabrics mixed with black and whites,

...which ended up like this! She was using Kate Conklin's There's a Square in There pattern but without the white background.

Kathy worked on some sets of placemats with beautiful batik fabrics for gifts.

Teresa started off with a charm pack of bright fabrics,

...and went home with a finished quilt top!

We did get out for a midday walk....

...but no swimming this time around!

Later this week I'll show you what I was working on....


  1. I'm always very impressed with quilters, the effort and time you put into creating such masterpieces is just astounding. Thanks for sharing! :)

    1. Thanks Heidi! It is very motivating to be around other quilters and a retreat like this is so productive!

  2. That looks like a fantastic getaway! And a great place for quilting inspiration. :)

    1. It was a lovely cabin, but still so close to the city. You would have fit right in with our group too!

  3. Hi Laura, thanks for posting and for your beautiful and inspiring pictures!
    All ladies have a very good taste in chosing colors and it is very inspiring to see so many projects almost finished.
    I like your pictures of snow, here in Guarulhos we have only rain.
    Thanks a lot again!


    1. Thanks Lucia! At this time of year we mostly gripe about the snow, and when will it be gone! But it is still quite pretty.

  4. I am in love with the pillow.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Lisa! I agree, the pillow design is wonderful!


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