Quilt Retreat: My Projects

For the quilt retreat, I brought four projects along, but only had the time to work on two of them. The first was to finish my quilt top from my quilting group's very first challenge (gasp, 4 years ago!). To see the evolution of this quilt you can click here. Some of the blocks were made by members of my quilting group and the rest were made by me.

Here I'm adding the sashing and the corner squares. I figured out the layout of the blocks months ago, and put small pieces of masking tape on each block to label their placement. Then I got sidetracked with other projects, craft sales, etc, and the tape stayed on! Not very wise. I'm hoping the little bit of sticky residue will wash away when I wash the finished quilt.

And here's the finished quilt top! Yay! Mission accomplished! My family quite likes this one, as do I, so it's going to be a keeper for home. Next step is to piece a back for it, but probably not until this next project is at the same stage....

My next priority was to make some progress on this batik quilt that I last worked on over two years ago at the last quilt retreat I went to! This quilt is a version of an Irish Chain pattern, with mostly batik fabrics. This will also be a keeper, and destined for my bed.

By the end of the weekend I had completed 51 out of 64 squares, and last week after the retreat I managed to finish the rest. Another great feeling of accomplishment!

I've laid out all the blocks on my "design wall," aka the living room floor. They are laid out randomly, and my only criteria was squares of the same colour not be adjacent. At the quilt retreat, I learned another way of labeling blocks for placement...

...and that is to pin little fabric labels to each block. No risk of sticky residue this way. The next step is to sew colourful half-square triangles onto the green corners of each block and them sew all the blocks together. The end may be near!


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