Me Made March: Week 5

It's the last day of March, and I managed to wear at least one item each day that was either handmade or thrifted. You can see my previous posts by clicking here. The whole idea is to connect with the clothing and accessories you choose to wear, making a conscious decision to support local designers and artists of all kinds.

This week it was all jewelry:
March 26: Thrifted necklace
            27: Fused glass necklace
            28: Necklace handmade locally
            29: Wired wrapped ring handmade by me
            30: Wired wrapped ring handmade by me
            31:  Handmade necklace purchased locally
I hope that if I do this challenge again next year, there will be more to show in the clothing department. I've become much more aware of the impact of fast fashion and more interested in thrifted and refashioned clothing thanks in part to the Refashionista blog and the book Overdressed by Elizabeth Cline.


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